04 March 2013

God is Great

God is great. I remind myself of this often when second guessing myself on His plan to move us back to Canada. Since coming back we have moved to a new house, the kids have all started new schools, I have started a new practice, Laurens well Laurens has jumped back into the same job he had before and the dog finds any piece of sunshine on the floor to lie in on his lazy afternoons. Teagan has had a close friend pass away as have I.

Our family all has different thoughts on our life over the past year and a half and it is a strange thing to integrate into a materialistic culture after living among such poverty. It is a difficult thing to see such loss, trauma and destruction and then be among those who will never know such pain.

It is tough to gather your empathy for patients with 1st world problems and to understand that to them it is indeed a big deal. It is hard to be in a workplace where some complain about the government they work for, that they do not make enough money or do not understand the value of hard work. It is hard to walk amongst the high school halls of kids that do not "get" our inner selves and it is hard not to miss catching spiders and lizards or running barefoot over the dusty rocks.

I am surprised at how long it takes to feel "normal" in 1st world culture again on the other hand I am infinitely grateful that I do not feel "normal" yet. I hope I never do. We are still working through how God wants to use us in Canada. We have so much more to give and are praying through how to do that. We are trusting in His greatness, His wisdom, His grace and His direction. We have become in tune to those moments where He speaks to us and those moments He nudges us.

We have had so many successes over the past year and a half and we are so grateful for our kids. We love following their lives. We have been told from all teachers each one of them are good role models for peers, they have received top marks and have won so many medals and ribbons we can't keep track.  God is great. We know that as our kids progress, they will have low points and high points but we pray that they know that God will get them through them all.

We are looking forward to great years ahead. We are so blessed. Please pray that God continues to go before us and we keep our eyes fixed on Him

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