07 July 2013

Books and Blogs

I spent the evening printing out every blog entry we have done since we started out our journey to Haiti and back. I would like to keep them all in a book for our family to have for years. The good and the bad. It was quite the trip down memory lane. What feelings and memories it brought back! I could see the sights in my mind, hear the sounds and smell the smells. I smiled at the adventures of the kids and cried at the tragedy of many stories. As I was looking back to all our heart felt posts about life in Haiti and beyond even I am amazed at the power of the human spirit when you have God to depend on.

Many people have told me I should write a book and believe me I have started but life with 5 kids a full time practice and ministry, it is tough to find time to sit down and write. When I ponder this, I have many ideas...a book about my life as a missionary in Haiti; a book about just my earthquake and aftermath experiences as a medical missionary; an autobiography type about my whole life journey including my faith walk, kids, practice, mission work; just a blog entry type book like.. a diary of a missionary (I know overused) or a book filled with stories of individuals I had the honour of coming across.... How I wish I had the gift of writing like my friend Diana.

As I think about sharing my written expressions of my experiences there are times when I think that no one would ever be interested and then times where I think it would be important and wildly popular (these moments are usually when people tell me I need to write a book when all they know is I have a practice and 5 kids! If only they knew the rest ha ha). Most of all through any of my writings I would want others to see how incredibly powerful God is and how His strength will pull them through. I would want them to see the hope and the loving message of Jesus through the tough times.

As my eyelids slowly start to slip I will end my musings and continue to lean on the wisdom of the Lord and let Him lead me always.

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